Many patients are unaware that it is more than acceptable to question their doctors.  Remember, doctors work for you, and you should expect them in return to do the best job they can.  By asking questions, you become part of the team in your own health care.  Establishing a healthy relationship with your doctor just might save your life!


About Me

I am a woman living with chronic heart disease, as well as pulmonary hypertension, which is incurable, and can ultimately lead to Heart Failure. My story can be found within my first blog and throughout my Blogs.

As far as my experience as a National Patient Advocate, I have provided a list of those organizations that I have had the privilege of working with on behalf of myself and other patients. Below are those opportunities that I both sought out and was sought out for, allowing me to participate in the many different aspects of patient advocacy:

2015, 2017, 2018 Consumer Peer Reviewer for the Department of Defense's Medical Research Team - Washington, DC

USA Patient Advocacy Network/National Center for Health Research - Washington, DC

WomenHeart/WomenHeart Champion & Support Coordinator - Washington, DC/Nashville, TN

St. Thomas Hospital Patient Advocacy Committee - Nashville, TN

Presentations/Lectures Nationally & Locally

Testified to Members of Congress - Washington, DC

Participated in Clinical Trial Symposiums - Washington, DC

Fundraising Events

Media: YouTube - Make A Difference Through The Legislative Process (May 28, 2015; WomenHeart Champions 2011 (July 12, 2011); WMKV Radio Medicare Moment Show/NPR - Cincinnati, OH (February 2017/2018/2019; scheduled again for February 2020)

Freelance Writer - Middle Tennessee Health & Wellness Magazine/Women & Heart Disease Awareness (February 2016 Issue); The Cincinnati Enquirer Opinion Page/Reminders of Heart Disease's Dangers (January 2, 2017); Cincinnati Natural Awakenings Magazine/Women & Heart Disease Awareness (February 2017 Issue); Pathlight Magazine/Can You Hear Me Now? (June 1, 2018 Issue)

Author - Can You Hear Me Now: or do I need to yell into your stethoscope? 

 First Edition published in 2011

(Second Edition coming in April 2023) 

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Make a Difference Through The Legislative Process

Make A Difference Through The Legislative Process​

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WomenHeart Champions 2011

Can You Hear Me Now: or do I need to yell into your stethoscope?

I wrote and published this book in 2011 out of my own frustration in an attempt to be properly diagnosed with heart disease.  Being a woman did not make my experience any easier.  The goal of my book was to get patients to learn how to better advocate for themselves when it came to their health, and also for physicians to learn how to listen to their patients with something more than just their stethoscopes!

My book is presently unavailable as I am in the process of a re-write...a lot has changed since I published the first edition.  The re-write should be completed/published in 2020, and will be made available on this website.